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The 索尔斯堡 Fund


Why Your Gift Matters

Life on the Hilltop is special. 

We challenge each other in the classroom, and we cheer for our brothers in the rink. We have school meetings in the Quad, year round. We grow together in the dorms and lean on each other in times of need.

The 索尔斯堡 Fund impacts every aspect of life on the Hilltop. It provides financial aid for our boys, and it allows us to attract and 保留 an outstanding faculty.

All gifts, of all sizes, make a difference to us on the Hilltop.


Choose how to make a difference

学者 & 老师的支持

choose where to direct your donation when you give online.

索尔斯堡 Fund Goals

July 1, 2021—June 30, 2022
30% 校友 Participation
80% Parent Participation



类药物 connect their classmates to each other and back to the School. They play a crucial role in raising class participation in The 索尔斯堡 Fund every year, and encourage classmates to send in Class Notes and attend alumni events and Reunion.

电子邮件我们 to volunteer as a Class Agent. 

The Impact of The 索尔斯堡 Fund

Students at all-school meeting in Quad.

Unrestricted gifts to The 索尔斯堡 Fund go to work immediately and impact the lives of every boy on the Hilltop.

学费 alone does not cover the cost of a 索尔斯堡 education. The remainder is made up by the endowment and gifts to The 索尔斯堡 Fund. 

All gifts, of all sizes, make a difference. 

Faculty Dick Curtis instructing 英语 in his classroom.
学者 & 老师的支持
索尔斯堡's faculty stands in a class of its own. Gifts to The 索尔斯堡 Fund allow the School to attract, 保留, and train faculty who are outstanding teachers and lifelong mentors. 
When most alumni reflect on what made 索尔斯堡 so special, the answer comes down to the faculty who are always ready to go the extra mile for their students.
Admissions representative meeting with prospective family.

The amount of financial assistance we are able to offer prospective students depends directly on the generosity of our 索尔斯堡 Fund donors. 

Every gift to The 索尔斯堡 Fund enables us to offer admission to the most qualified applicants, 无论需要.

Student playing guitar.
艺术 at 索尔斯堡

The arts are thriving at 索尔斯堡. Students are encouraged to explore the boundaries of their creativity in the Ruger Fine 艺术 Center, 威廉·E. Buehner Digital 媒体实验室, and the Field 音乐 Center. 

From mastering the craftsmanship in boatbuilding to the intricacies of intaglio printmaking, The 索尔斯堡 Fund covers every step of the process.

Two student-athlete football players in uniform.

The 索尔斯堡 Fund plays a direct role in supporting athletics at 索尔斯堡. Our Knights compete at the highest level thanks to stellar coaching and training facilities that would be the envy of many college 项目. 

The 索尔斯堡 Fund also plays a role in bringing our most exciting games directly to you via livestream.


坐下来吃午饭 is an important part of life on the Hilltop. 每周两次, boys share lunch with their advisors, building strong relationships that last a lifetime. 

Life on the Hilltop offers myriad options to pursue a passion in a club or activity, or just have fun on the weekends. 

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